It’s gross, but true. Tomorrow I’m throwing out the rest of the cake. So that will stop me from eating cake for dinner again. Tomorrow for dinner, I think I will have a salad.

In other news, I have officially submitted my first real assignment for animation mentor! Woohoo! Exciting! I was pretty excited about this assignment, and had a pretty good time sketching from life. I need to do that more often, because 1. I am so entirely out of practice, so my sketching it really sucking and 2. I enjoyed it, and it will help with my animating skills.

So we had to draw a few sketches and choose the one we liked best or thought worked best and recreate it with the STU character we got from AM (Animation Mentor). I’m going to show you guys what I did for fun. Hopefully Thea likes it. I tried to convey some sort of feeling, although I don’t know how successful it was. What do you think?

One page of my sketches. I had three 🙂

And this is the pose I did in Maya!

Well, that’s that. Also, this week at AM, I participated in a short scavenger hunt. If I got all the answers right, I’ll be put into a drawing and maybe I will get to win some cool stuff. I am desperate for an AM t-shirt.

I’ve got work at 6:30 in the mo’nin, so I had better hit the hay. Where do you think that expression came from? I guess probably back when they use to stuff mattresses with hay, although I don’t know who’s genius idea that way. It could not have been very comfortable…

Goodnight! Happy Animating!