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Week 2 of Class 3 at Animation Mentor has come to an end, and I just turned in my assignment. Lucky for you, I’ve uploaded it to YouTube for the WORLD to see (or at least the seven or eight of you that read this blog, hehe). I really like my mentor this term, although he is quite zany. At least the Q and A’s are very unpredictable and fun. He seems to know what he’s talking about (and he should after his repertoire of films!), so I’m totally stoked to see what he can teach me. He already had me thinking a ton about weight distribution and other very key aspects of body mechanics just by looking at my planning sketches and video reference. I think this is why my blocking turned out so well, and why I’m so excited to post it!

FYI – For this class, we will be doing another three short animations which we will work on for four weeks each. We were allowed to choose a theme which all of our shots could either relate to or by strong together to create a sort of short, this choice is called an AnimJam. My theme is Mining Stewie. I’m enjoying it. Especially because most themes are more sports oriented, so I’m having fun doing something a little different. The size of Stewie’s head is the only thing proving to be a problem. It’s very hard to swing your arms up over your head when your head is about twice larger than it really should be. I think I got myself around that problem pretty well though.

I think I could still push the poses to be a bit more extreme, but I’m really happy with it! Plus, once I put it into spline next week it’s going to turn into a complete disaster, so I wanted everybody to see it before it becomes a total hot mess. Enjoy!


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