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Let’s talk about my newest obsession: Fanny Brice. Last night, in a rare time when I’ve got some time to myself to do whatever I want, I methodically browsed through the movies you can watch instantly on Netflix, searching for just the right film to watch before bed. I came across Funny Girl, and thought, “I have seen a few snippets of this, but never the whole thing… let’s give Barbara a whirl.”

Best. Decision. Ever.

For those of you who are not familiar with the movie, it’s the story of Fanny Brice (Barbara Streisand) a girl from the Jewish slums of New York who, despite her very unconventional looks, makes a big name for herself on the New York stage, all while trying to find her place in her marriage with a faithful and debonair gambler, Nick Arnstein.

Anyway, Fanny Brice isĀ  one of the most incredible female characters I’ve ever seen in a movie. She’s got such a confidence, even with her deviated nose, that she will be a star, because that is her dream and what she’s always wanted from life. Her attitude gets her exactly what she wants, but at the same time, she never strays from her true beliefs and goals. Amazing.

And her outfits were incredible too. It made me want to try to pull off sequence again!

How awesome is this dress?!

In other news, it was beautiful out today AND I had the day off! Hooray! I cleaned my bathroom AND I got to sit out in the sun for a couple of hours! Hooray! Plans for the rest of the day? Working out, cleaning my room and GLEE tonight!! Olivia Newton-John is guest-starring on Glee tonight, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a Xanadu reference! Although, I’m not really sure if that will do any good. Oh well, either way it’s going to be a GREAT episode! I’m totally stoked for it.

It’s Week 6 at Animation Mentor! We’re learning overlapping action! Faaaaaaaaancy! I’m hoping I get to watch the lecture tonight so I can get started on my swinging pendulum tomorrow! Last week we had to pose Stu in a way to show DEVASTATION. I wasn’t too happy with what I ended up with. But I will post anyway…

My "Devastated" pose, that is kind of just devastating to look at...


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