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One of the suggested books on the Animation Mentor website is “The Animator’s Survival Kit” by Richard Williams who was the animation director for Who Framed Roger Rabbit. So I’ve been reading it. It’s so great, and I’m totally geeking out, even writing down all the names of animators he mentions just so I can eventually go back and do my own Wikipedia research. I hope to one day know as much about the history of animation as I do about the art of animation itself, and hopefully can compare this total amount of knowledge to, say, the amount of knowledge I have about Walt Disney World.

Richard Williams expresses both sides of the argument of the ability to draw and it’s relevance to being a successful animator. Some say that it is certainly not necessary, and there are plenty of incredible animators who did just fine that couldn’t really draw. Others, like Richard Williams, argue that in order to animate you must have a real understanding for mass and weight, and this understanding can only really be learned by hours of life drawing.

Boy, am I glad I took that figure drawing class at school.

Now, I’m not an expert (yet). So I really can’t form a very educated opinion on this subject. What I do know is that having drawing experience definitely cannot hurt your animation ability.

With that said, I just thought I would put in a quick little entry and exhibit a few of my life drawings for you all to observe. Enjoy!

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