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This doesn’t have too much to do with animation (although I did get in some very key observation time), but last night the boyfriend and I went to a BEER GARDEN! It was so incredible and really brought me back to the time I spent in Europe two summers ago. The best part was that, although beer gardens are a huge part of the German culture, and it was set up as such, all of the food and beer that they served was CZECH! Not only could we get a pitcher of Pilsner (the original lager!), but we got a pitcher of Staropramen and we got to enjoy Goulash! Also, they were out of it last night, but they do normally carry Becherovka and serve Betons. It was heaven! We had such a great time, and even got to do a little bit of the “making friends with neighboring drunk people” game that is played so well in Germany.

This place was called the Bohemian Beer Garden and if you live in New York or near Astoria, Queens, I HIGHLY recommend it. It is a great place for big groups of people, and if you only have a few people to go with, it’s a great place to meet a ton of people and still have a great time! I so much want to go back to Praha, but it was nice to feel like I was there again last night and reminisce about some of the awesome times I had with my man.

In other news, I’m still waiting on my critique from Thea for my Week 2 assignment, but Week 3 has officially started at AM! I’ve watched half of the lecture on Planning and Blocking Methods, and this week I get to animate a bouncing ball! Totally awesome! Can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve done!


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