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I watched Julie and Julia today. Naturally, I felt terribly for neglecting my blog and so, here I am, updating.

Class 2 is all wrapped up and tonight is my first Q and A for Class 3: Advanced Body Mechanics. I am going to miss my Class 2 Mentor and classmates. Having a mentor from Australia just makes Q and A’s so exciting, we always had the most fun talking about animating. This term my Mentor is Mark Pudliener, and I am SO pumped about this. He started his animation career working on some of my personal childhood favorites: The Care Bears Movie, An American Tail, The Land Before Time (the original, before they made about a hundred more), and All Dogs Go to Heaven! And also spent tons of time working at Disney, on Hunchback, Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan, and he even working on my favorite sequence from Fantasia 2000 “Rhapsody in Blue,” as well as another favorite Disney film, Meet the Robinsons. Basically what I’m trying to say is my mentor for this term worked on a majority of the movies that made me fall in love with children’s animated features. I have so much pressure to do well this term to impress this guy who has worked with some of the best animators in the industry, but it’s good pressure. Just don’t expect me to be very social for the next three months…

Other than AM excitement, my life has been basically normal. My week off was great. Relaxing, but now I’m very spoiled, and it’s been hard to get back into the swing of things. I went into the city to see “La Cage Au Folles” with some friends. I was very disappointed when it didn’t live up to the amazingness that originated from the musical, The Birdcage, but I suppose I shouldn’t have expected Kelsey Grammar to really be able to live up to Robin Williams. Douglas Hodge, winner of the Tony for Best Lead Actor in a Musical, was missing from our cast, so really the whole chemistry of the show felt very off. I will say it was a DREAM to see Robin de Jesus (of CAMP fame) playing the part of the maid. He was hilarious and incredible, and almost as wonderful as Hank Azaria, and it was especially entertaining to see so many beautiful lady-men dancing around the stage. They were all fabulous, and so cute when we waited at the stage door. Yes, we waited at the stage door. And waited. And waited for Master Kelsey Grammar. About an hour after waiting and waiting, I finally threw my hands up saying, “You know, he wasn’t even good enough to make us wait this long to see him!” to which my dear friends replied, “Seriously, when he comes out, he’d better be Kristen Chenoweth or something!”

That’s all for now. More frequent posts will happen. I promise. I know all three of you reading want some new posts!


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